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Safe4Cycle pilot project starts in Romania

In Romania Safe4Cycle program has started in 6 secondary schools in Reghin and Târgu-Mureș in February 2017.

The pilot project starts with questionnaires for the students, the parants and the teachers to get some information about their cycling habits and knowledge of the rules of the road. After participating the Safe4Cycle courses, students will know, why cycling is useful, how to choose a bicycle, what are the basic rules of the Highway Code for the cyclist, what are the most common types of bicycle accidents (and how to avoid them). Beyond the theoretical knowledge, the cycling skills of the students will be developed at practical lessons also: how to start and stop, look behind, turn left or right, signal, etc.

The experience of the Romanian project partner (Fundaţia Comunitară Mureş) is very important for the other partners, because BringaAkadémia and Easy Drivers Radfahrschule both have safety cycling educational programs first of all for primary schools (children aged 9-12), but after implementing the Safe4Cycle methodology in secondary schools in Romania, their programs can be extended to students aged 14-18 also.