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Safe4Cycle project partners - Vuelta Sportegyesület

Vuelta Sports Association, the leading organisation of Safe4Cycle2 project is dealing with safety cycling education since 2004.

In the beginning the organisation has implemented ‘cycling project days’ in dozens of primary schools bringing there a bikeability track and giving lessons about safety cycling in the classrooms. In 2008 Vuelta SA has developed and implemented as a pilot project a safety cycling educational program in Hungary, based on Western European best practices, focusing on practicing with the pupils, to improve their cycling skills. Since safety cycling courses have been organized in more than 70 primary schools.

In 2013 Vuelta SA had been asked by the Office of Education (Oktatási Hivatal) to develop the curriculum of an optional subject for primary schools in the field of safety cycling, that chose primary schools as an optional subject (3-4th and 5-6th class). In addition a training for trainers course has been developed for teachers, in order to prepare them for safety cycling education. The curriculum consists both of theoretical and practical knowledge.

From 2015 till 2018 Vuelta SA have been coordibnating an Erasmus+ project with a Romanian, an Austrian and a Dutch partner to improve our curriculum and professional skills, getting acquainted with safety cycling educational programs of the project partners and the trends in cycling also to have more experience about the whole issue.

The greatest impact of the previous project was that Vuelta SA could call attention for the importance of safety cycling at the highest levels of the Hungarian government. After closing the Safe4Cycle project, the Workbook and the Mentors’ Handbook had been completed with the rules for pedestrians in cooperation with the Institute for Transport Sciences, the Commission on Prevention of Accidents of the Hungarian Police, the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club with the coordinating role of Vuelta SA. The new, completed Workbook was delivered to all the 4th and 5th class students in November 2018 and all 4th class students in September 2019 (all together 300.000 copies).

Vuelta SA is working for a safety cycling educational system that covers the whole country, like in Austria, in Slovenia or in the Czech Republic, with a theoretical and practical exam for 4th or 5th class pupils. The Erasmus+ projects can help us in development of educational materials, and in gaining experience in the field of safety cycling education in different countries in Europe. We are trying to build in all the best practices in our activities to give our best to the children and their teachers and parents.