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„Safe4Cycle“ and safety in road traffic

At Kanal 3 – the Styrian television – you can watch a report about the Easy Drivers Radfahrschule and the AUVA about safety on the bicycle and safety in the road traffic.

Two times daily on Astra Satellit R9 Österreich (14.00 – 15.00 and 22.00 - 23.00)

Ten times daily in styrian cablenet

Ten times daily in styrian DVB-T Net 

The AUVA and the Easy Drivers Radfahrschule are working for safety on the bicycle and safety in road traffic. 90 students of the Neue Mittelschule Pölsund Zeltweg could provide their knowledge and skills on this topic.

It’s never too early for safety and so also the youngest kids could learn something about safety on the bicycle.

The AUVA is also interested in safety for adults, not only in work environment rather also on the bicycle in road traffic. The Easy Drivers Radfahrschule is touring all through Austria.

By AUVA and Easy Drivers Radfahrschule people could test their knowledge and improve their skills.