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Police officers participating at BringaAkadémia training

The Vuelta Sports Office has organised a one-day-long training for police officers first time. The aim of the training was to prepare the participants for teaching the basic rules of transport in primary schools.

In Hungary one of the tasks of the police is to keep contact with the primary schools: every primary school has its "own" police officer, who is regularly attending at the school. These police officers are often asked to give lessons in the classes, for example about safety transport. The good professional relationship between the National Commission on Preventing Acccidents of the Hungarian Police and Vuelta Sports Association goes back to ten years already, but thanks to the intellectual outputs of Safe4Cycle project, the Mentors' Handbook, and the Workbook for children, we could reach a higher level in December 2016, Three months ago the intellectual outputs had been introduced at the headquqrters of the Hungarian Police, and the Vuelta Sports Office has been asked to organise a pilot training for police officers to prepare them for teaching the basic rules of transport in primary schools.

The pilot traning on 7th March 2017 was succesful: all together 20 police officers has been participating from Pest County. Tamás Abelovszky, project manager of BringaAkadémia gave a lecture about the basic rules of cycling and the methodology of BringaAkadémia, Ferenc Pausz about the basic rules for pedestrians, and Tamás Siska, a psychologist about the different point of viewi of the children in the traffic.

The aim of the partners is to organise a training in all the 19 counties of Hungary and in Budapest also in 2017 and 2018.