About the project

Cooperation of four organisations from four countries, with different backgrounds, but for one aim: improving safety cycling education - this is Safe4Cycle2.

On the basis of the achievements of the previous Safe4Cycle project (the Workbook for pupils, the Mentors' Handbook, and the pilot interactive video) the project partners aim to jointly develop interactive (online) safety cycling educational materials.

Vuelta Sports Association (Hungary), Fundația Comunitare Mureș (Romania), Mariborska kolesarska mreža (Slovenia) and the Bikeability Trust (United Kingdom) are committed to safety cycling education, and will do their best in the frame of the transnational cooperation to develop something new and useful.

The project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme wishes to realize internationally available interactive learning materials that contribute to improvement of safety cycling education in the countries affected by the project. The main goal is to complete the existing paper-based educational materials so the main results of the project are the intellectual outputs developed by the project partners: the interactive videos, the interactive workbook and the training for trainers course for primary school teachers.

Interactive videos

Altogether five interactive videos are to developed that elaborate various traffic situations, based on the Safe4Cycle Workbook for Pupils, and the special needs of the project partners. The videos will be available for free for everybody, who is interested in (teachers, pupils, parents, etc.). During the pilot phase in Romania, Hungary and Slovenia the videos will be tested among 11-12 years old children. We are planning to publish the interactive videos in September 2020, as the first products of Safe4Cycle2.

Interactive workbook

The interactive workbook will complete Safe4Cycle Workbook for Pupils. Children are using smartphones, tablets and notebooks every day, so we have to provide the online educational materials also. Gamification of safety cycling education can help reaching more pupils, that helps improving safety cycling education. After finishing the interactive videos, project partners will start the development of the interactive workbook in September 2020.

Training for trainers program for teachers

Project partners are aiming to develop a blended training for trainers program for teachers based on the existing programs of the Hungarian and Romanian partners. The methodology and the content of the existing training for trainers course has come up to expectations, but there is a need for another type for trainings according to the experience of the last years. First of all, a 30-hour-long (three-day-long) training for trainers course, where the teachers have to participate three whole days, is not attractive for many teachers (or rather for the employer of the teacher). Secondly, according to the experience of the partners there are several teachers, who want to deal with theory only (because of lack of time or lack of affinity to practice in cycling). To provide them professional background is essential to create the basis of safety cycling education, at least of the theoretical part. A blended training for trainers course (consisting e-learning and attendance course both) could satisfy the above mentioned demand, and in addition it is more flexible (than a simple attendance course), that can foster the transferability potential of the product.


More information about Safe4Cycle:

Tamás Abelovszky (Safe4Cycle professional project manager, Vuelta Sport Association)

+36 30 462 0181